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STP005: Trendspotting As the New PR with Richard Laermer

Richard Laermer built his career on the universal truth that all businesses need to get noticed. Lately, he’s had to deal with the reality that how to make that happen has completely changed. In this interview, we talk about why the old saying “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” has become obsolete and what’s…


STP004: Two Kinds of Influence with Bill Bryan

Bill Bryan has had a whirlwind career in which he has been a psychologist, soldier, entrepreneur, consultant, and advocate for quality education. The one constant that has tied his many diverse ventures today has been the study of leadership. In this interview, Bill discusses the concept of leadership from a very different perspective.


STP003: Why People Choose Some Products Over Others with Carly Fink

Carly Fink has been fascinated with marketing since she analyzed why people favor certain brands of bottled water for a grade school project. Since then she has turned her obsession into a career that bridges advertising, research, and academia—all with the aim of getting to the bottom of the mystery of what causes people to…