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STP034: Getting Wired for Story with Lisa Cron

These days it has become commonplace to talk about storytelling in business, but far less common to why it matters so much. Turns out there’s a biological basis to why persuasion works best in story form. In this episode, Wired for Story author Lisa Cron talks about the profound influence you can gain among your…


STP033: Mediating in Search of Middle Grounds with Lisa Gibson

Award-winning author, attorney, and conflict resolution expert, Lisa Gibson has a full tool belt for dealing with conflict. She discusses crossing cultural boundaries and using your story to anchor your business (and much more) on this episode of “Smashing the Plateau.”


STP029: Staying Relevant in the Social Era with Rick Frishman

Veteran author and speaker Rick Frishman has made a living in the publishing industry by hacking into the psychology of customers and employees. On this episode of “Smashing the Plateau,” he discusses how to optimize day-to-day tasks and reach the goals you care about most.