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Resources to help you turn a crisis into an opportunity

We’ve combed through our archives to highlight these leaders who have persevered through disruption, overcome unexpected crises, faced overwhelming fear head-on and harnessed their anxiety to produce positive long-term outcomes.

May they inspire you to reach new heights.

Starting Your Own Business While Feeling the Trauma of Job Loss Featuring Ken Gorfinkle

By David Shriner-Cahn | 01/29/2021

Ken Gorfinkle is a clinical psychologist with over 40 years of experience caring for adults and children with chronic medical illness, mood and anxiety disorders. We discuss:A huge financial step over the cliff [03:06]Jumping into entrepreneurship in two stages [04:36]How to turn the loss of colleague contacts into something good [05:52]What to pay attention to when…

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Business Success in an Age of Disruption Featuring Mark Monchek

By David Shriner-Cahn | 11/09/2020
Mark Monchek is the Founder and Chief Opportunity Officer of Opportunity Lab

Mark Monchek is the Founder and Chief Opportunity Officer of Opportunity Lab, a strategy consulting firm focused on conscious growth.   We discuss:  A new way to think about disruption and opportunity [1:57]  How a non-unique company thrives during a pandemic [3:21]  The key frameworks necessary to build a culture of sustainability [5:56]  The wider lens of the collective…

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Fulfill Your Purpose Featuring Cole Baker Bagwell

By David Shriner-Cahn | 09/25/2020

Cole spent two successful decades in Corporate America partnering with the world’s largest companies. She took the leap in March of 2019 and left at the top of her career. She launched Cool Audrey to change the corporate landscape by bringing mindfulness and kindness into business as strategic foundations. We discuss: Jump then or jump…

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Marketing in COVID Times

By David Shriner-Cahn | 09/14/2020

Geri Mazur is an award winning brand and marketing strategist. Before starting Geri Mazur Marketing, she was Executive Vice President, Director of Strategic Planning at Saatchi and Saatchi.  We discuss: When the best marketing happens [2:00] The worst thing you can do in an economic downturn [5:30] How great disruptions breathe new opportunities [8:45] What…

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Creating Viral Stories Featuring Justin Breen

By David Shriner-Cahn | 08/07/2020

Justin Breen is CEO of the PR firm BrEpic Communications.  We discuss: Cornerstones to measure whether entrepreneurship is a good fit for you [1:45] You can’t find the great things unless you experience the bottom [4:13] The two-year mark [6:47] Newsworthy stories for the best of the best [8:03] Why you should pivot all the…

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Diversifying Your Income to Minimize Disruption Featuring Jason Van Orden

By David Shriner-Cahn | 07/13/2020

Jason helps thought leaders to reach a larger audience with their ideas, create new income streams from their expertise, and build business models that align with their values and goals.  We discuss: The power to share your expertise and make good money out of it [2:51] Packaging people’s knowledge through online courses [8:24] Successful strategies…

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More Leads Through Focus Featuring Jürgen Strauss

By David Shriner-Cahn | 07/10/2020

Jürgen Strauss is Owner and Chief Innovator at Innovabiz. They partner with innovative, exceptional business coaches and consultants to enable them to increase visibility, build professional credibility and reaching their target ideal audience with their message. The result is more targeted leads and more business. We discuss: Going local after years of international travelling [1:45]…

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Creating Content That Generates Leads Featuring Pierre-Nicolas Schwab

By David Shriner-Cahn | 07/06/2020

Dr. Pierre-Nicolas Schwab is the founder of market research agency IntoTheMinds. He has carried out more than 100 assignments in various industries (retail, telecom, e- and m-commerce, media, IT, banking, etc.), combining his passion for data and qualitative methods to better understand customers’ behaviors. We discuss: An engineer’s passion for marketing [2:12] The signs that…

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Moment or Movement Featuring Donna Fullerton and Jane Hyun

By David Shriner-Cahn | 06/29/2020

Donna Fullerton has decades of experience in the worlds of advertising and research, where she developed a toolkit of skills (including innovative/traditional and communications effectiveness techniques, Creative Problem-Solving, Neurolinguistic Programming and Mindset Coaching). Jane Hyun advises leaders and organizations on leveraging diversity and culture to drive high performance and innovation.  We discuss: A key variable on how…

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From Creating Corporate Brands to Chocolatier Featuring Milène Jardine

By David Shriner-Cahn | 06/05/2020

Milène Jardine is an innovative chocolatier and entrepreneur with a strong background in product development/sales.   We discuss:  Putting a childhood passion to the test [2:24]  Touring kitchens to cook a sustainable business [5:16]  Why having a business coach is good when transitioning to entrepreneurship [7:55]  Going digital with a chocolate product [9:15]  Creative ways to even out the peaks and valleys [10:48] …

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