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Resources to help you turn a crisis into an opportunity

We’ve combed through our archives to highlight these leaders who have persevered through disruption, overcome unexpected crises, faced overwhelming fear head-on and harnessed their anxiety to produce positive long-term outcomes.

May they inspire you to reach new heights.

Me Too, What Now? Featuring Ed Squire

By David Shriner-Cahn | 04/24/2020

For over 20 years, Ed Squire was a strategic business consultant for Fortune 500 and global companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe.We discuss:There is a lot more to mental health than you think there is [2:15]The impact of the “What do you do?” question [6:51]Staying beyond the “Me too” part [8:21]A five-step process…

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Determine Your Best Clients in 180 Seconds Featuring Juliet Clark

By David Shriner-Cahn | 04/20/2020

What if you could determine who in your audience is your best client in 180 seconds? Juliet Clark is a dynamic and sought-after speaker and podcaster who has spent the last twenty years helping authors, coaches, speakers, and small businesses all over the world build expert platforms. We discuss: Success principles for intentional audience [1:51]…

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Entrepreneurs Take Charge Featuring Mac Prichard

By David Shriner-Cahn | 04/17/2020

Mac Prichard is the founder of Mac’s List, a job board and career hub in the Pacific Northwest with a mission to create more human hiring processes for all.  Mac is also the author of the book Land Your Dream Job Anywhere and host of the weekly career advice podcast Find Your Dream Job. We discuss:…

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The Forever Transaction Featuring Robbie Kellman Baxter

By David Shriner-Cahn | 04/06/2020

Robbie is the author of The Membership Economy, the groundbreaking book that changed everything.  We discuss: The best way to do all the things you want to do as business leaders [2:28] The difference between a forever transaction and recurring revenue [3:09] How focusing on a forever promise would justify a customer making a forever…

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Counterintuitive Strategies to Boost Profit Featuring Maiko Sakai

By David Shriner-Cahn | 03/30/2020

Maiko Sakai, founder of Airtight Concepts, is a NYC-based business growth strategist a.k.a. secret weapon to her clients who are visionary entrepreneurs and CEOs with the desire to build a high-functioning, profit-generating machine of their dreams. We discuss: Hidden nuggets in unconventional strategies [2:30] The right time to draw up a dream organizational chart [7:37]…

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The Power of Human Connection Featuring Alan Cohen

By David Shriner-Cahn | 03/27/2020

TedX speaker, author, Executive and Team Coach, and proud dog-dad of a three-legged Wheaten Terrier, Alan Samuel Cohen has been called The Team Wizard after leading the successful publicity launch of the Harry Potter series.   We discuss: Necessity is the mother of invention [2:40] The silver lining of being laid off from a successful job…

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How Your Coaching Business Can Exceed Your Last Corporate Job Featuring Michael OBrien

By David Shriner-Cahn | 02/07/2020

Michael OBrien is the Chief Shift Officer at Peloton Coaching and Consulting. He elevates successful corporate leaders by preventing bad moments from turning into bad days. He started going solo in 2014 at the age of 47 after a successful corporate career. We discuss: A corporate shake-up and a last bad day [1:58] The freedom…

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Making a Successful Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur Featuring Mari Anne Snow

By David Shriner-Cahn | 02/26/2018

Mari Anne Snow is the CEO and founder of Sophaya, a virtual company that designs, builds and delivers custom soft skill training for organizations with remote teams and dispersed workers. We discuss: What it’s like to jump out of corporate life and into entrepreneurship The impact of those around us when we are in a…

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How to Create Recurring Transformations with Your Clients with Erica Peitler

By David Shriner-Cahn | 01/24/2018

Erica is a certified leadership performance coach, high impact facilitator, author and speaker. We discuss: What happens when you hit a personal wall in a high-performance role How to rethink fear and your need to make money Why you need to know who you are and who you serve, the recurring nature of your relationships…

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Why Learning is Leverage With Dan Hoffman

By David Shriner-Cahn | 07/17/2017

Entrepreneur and public speaker Dan Hoffman founded Circles Learning Labs as a means to foster meaningful connections across the world. He also believes that adult learning is the key to improving our lives and our businesses. Today he tells us why. Dan also opens up about his own struggles as an entrepreneur, talks about finding clarity, and…

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