Sean McKay: Awareness Reputation and Conversion

Sean McKay is the CEO of Site Hub, a Rochester company he started in his mom’s basement and turned it into a well-established web and marketing agency. 

We discuss:

  • The biggest plateau in Sean’s solopreneur career [1:47]
  • Why charging more doesn’t scare people [3:15]
  • What happens when you raise the cost of your service from $2,000 to $5,000 [6:06]
  • The bigger problem you can solve, the more important you are [7:42]
  • The future of digital marketing [9:05]
  • The ARC of business [10:40]
  • The advantages to outsourcing a digital marketing agency [13:07]
  • Going above and beyond one-time service to earn ongoing business [16:56]
  • Why pretty much everyone has an SEO problem [21:30]
  • Ways to improve the conversion rate of your website [25:32]

Sean McKay has logged his 10,000 hours (and more) working with clients to perfect their digital marketing. Site Hub has served over 300+ clients in just a few years and recently won the Best in Digital Marketing Award by High Tech Rochester.

Learn more about Sean at, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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