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STP024: Making the Most of Your Emotions with Tracy Dennis

Professor, expert in emotional psychology, and developer of the app Personal Zen, Tracy Dennis gives tips for making even the most stressful days a positive experience, for entrepreneurs and the general public.

Topics include…

  • How to stop thinking negatively
  • The real reason anxiety is keeping you down
  • How to ensure your day ends right
  • Why the DIY approach boosts mental health
  • The secret to finding your inner Zen


Tracy Dennis is a professor at Hunter College’s Department of Psychology. She is also the developer behind the app 11:39"]">Personal Zen, which helps users reduce their anxiety through interactive games.


About the author, David Shriner-Cahn

Host of the podcasts Smashing the Plateau and Going Solo, David guides solopreneurs selling knowledge and creativity to build profitability and sustainability in their businesses.

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