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Ron Kaiser: Aging with Financial, Physical, Social and Intellectual Health

Dr. Ron Kaiser is a positive health psychologist and author. At age 81, he works as Director of Psychology in one of the world’s leading headache centers, and he is also the founder of Goal-Achieving Psychology.

We discuss:

  • How to achieve a remarkable lifestyle at the age of 81 [3:00]
  • The expectations that prevent us from redefining the second century of our life as an active time [5:12]
  • Seven keys for rejuvenaging [6:57]
  • Small steps in the right direction [11:49]
  • A successful combination you can share with the world [14:36]
  • How to smoothly transition to online business [17:52]
  • It is never too early to start thinking about rejuvenaging [20:52]
  • A business model to help you stand out in your marketplace [25:30]

In recent years, Ron has directed many of his efforts to helping our growing population of older adults to age in a physically, socially, and intellectually active manner. His own lifestyle serves as a positive role model for this approach. Ron’s recently published book, “REJUVENAGING: The art and Science of Growing Older with Enthusiasm” has been an Amazon Best Seller.

Learn more about Ron at, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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A pdf of Dr. Ron Kaiser’s older book (a revised copy will be available for purchase this year): WHAT CAN GO RIGHT? The Thinking Person’s Guide to Making Good Things Happen

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