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Atara Malach: Turn Guilt and Overwhelm into Successful Management

Atara Malach is a renowned parenting expert, therapist and author. Blending professional expertise with her real-life experience as a working mom raising her six children, she has developed a proven parenting system (GPS) to provide working moms with the skills and confidence they need to succeed both at home and at work.

We discuss:

  • Why work-life balance is a [dangerous] myth [2:51]
  • The three components of love necessary to make it all work and stay present wherever you are [5:40]
  • How to gain time by using a traffic light system [7:47]
  • It sounds too good to be true [13:28]
  • Results are always the best convincers [14:55]
  • How to be free, comfortable and in control [17:20]
  • An array of choices for working parents [19:56]
  • How overstressed moms negatively impact workplace environments [22:52]

Atara holds several advanced degrees and is considered a pioneer in the field of parenting, by using mommy guilt as a roadmap to success instead of allowing it to frustrate the parent/child relationship. She is a dynamic keynote speaker who has served thousands of professional women around the world through lectures and online courses. Her new book is A Working Mother’s GPS: A Guide to Parenting Success for The Modern Working Mom.

Learn more about Atara at,, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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