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Wealth with Integrity Featuring Cheryl Scheurer

Dr. Cheryl grew up in a creative entrepreneurial family. She managed her own Accounting and Tax Business for over 17 years. When Cheryl became a single parent, she went back into the corporate world as a financial consultant and manager.

We discuss:

  • The missing ingredient for having a wholesome relationship with wealth [2:24]
  • Why money makes people spiritually bankrupt [4:19]
  • How to recognize someone’s relationship with money [6:14]
  • The biggest motivation/problem for financial success [9:18]
  • The empire needs to break down before it can be rebuilt [11:22]
  • What can you do without? [13:15]
  • What it really comes down to out there in the world [18:17]

Cheryl’s experience exposed her to the dark side of wealth – problems with ethics, integrity violations and illegal behavior. After winning a lawsuit against one of the unscrupulous companies, she began to write her book “Wealth Transformation: Integrity, Integrity, Integrity” which became the basis of her long-running Marin TV program, “Wake up with Dr. Cheryl.”

Cheryl has a BS in Business Administration, MBA in Finance and her PhD in Financial Management and Business Administration. Cheryl is an author, international Speaker and minister.

Learn more about Cheryl at, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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About the author, David Shriner-Cahn

Host of the podcasts Smashing the Plateau and Going Solo, David guides solopreneurs selling knowledge and creativity to build profitability and sustainability in their businesses.

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