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“David really engages with each of his guests to understand not only how they have smashed their own plateaus but also to help the listener take away tangible lessons they can apply to their own journeys.”

Sunil Arora

Professional Coach

Arora Partners

“Insightful questions that allowed for a deeper conversation enticing the most valuable tidbits that David knew would benefit his audience and also for me to shine as the expert.”

Eva Vennari


The Elevate Institute

“Tips and strategies that are working right now with actionable items you are able to implement right away - I can’t recommend how important this podcast is for business listeners!”

Jaime Jay

Owner & Managing Director

Bottleneck Virtual Assistants

“David is a great host and his show strikes the right balance between organic conversation and structured focus. Always something new – highly recommended!”

Laura Sicola


Vocal Impact Productions

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