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TEND Strategic Community™

Are you an individual entrepreneur?

Are you an expert in your field?

Do you want to establish more stable, consistent revenue?


Entrepreneurship can be lonely.

You need a trusted team that has your back and can help you grow.


TEND Strategic Community™ is ideal if you are:

  • A consultant, coach or individual entrepreneur using your knowledge and creativity to help clients succeed
  • Wondering if there is a better strategy to succeed at all your different roles: marketing, sales, administration, delivery, etc.
  • Doing many different things for many different clients and don’t see how you can scale to greater profitability
  • Desiring to work smarter – while growing and producing more predictable revenue and profits


TEND Strategic Community™ will help you:

  • Make more money
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Build your unique value proposition
  • Clarify your target market
  • Save time by delivering your system efficiently
  • Scale beyond an “army of one”
  • Increase your profitability without a big infrastructure


TEND Strategic Community™ provides:

  • Mentorship from a seasoned business expert/guide
  • Insights on your toughest problems
  • Time-saving business templates and tools
  • A team of like-minded entrepreneurs to help you bridge your gaps
  • A safe place to talk freely with your entrepreneurial peers
  • Encouragement to overcome resistance to taking new steps
  • A trusted support system to reach out to when the unexpected threatens to derail your best efforts
  • Someone to ask you the tough questions so you can grow outside of your comfort zone
  • Friends and colleagues who really want to support your growth


TEND Strategic Community™ includes:

  • TEND TEAM™ Strategy Sessions – weekly, virtual
  • TEND TEAM™ Deep Dive Strategy Sessions – as needed
  • Access to David Shriner-Cahn – as needed
  • Personalized Success Metrics
  • Personalized Action Plan to guide your work between sessions
  • Supporting material
    • TEND curated resources
    • Smashing the Plateau podcast
    • Going Solo podcast
  • Private, online communication within the group


What our current members say about being part of our team:


“Before I joined the TEND Strategic Community™, I wasn’t clear who my customer was. This process really helped me come up with a vision for who my customer is and understand, through market research, what their needs are so I could come up with a business plan for recurring revenue.” - Not-For-Profit Consultant


You definitely under-promised and over-performed. I’m so glad I joined the joinedthe TEND Strategic Community™. I now have specific objectives that are measurable, a mission, and a plan.”
- Employment Attorney & Advocate


The TEND Strategic Community™ provides a disciplined approach, a method for how to think about your business even if it’s been running for while, to make it better, to make it more strategic and create this ongoing platform for your success. - Leadership & Cultural Diversity Consultant


“What the TEND Strategic Community™ has allowed me to be is fully curious
 and let things unfold - to grow, learn and begin to see things I never imagined might be possible. Without this team I would not have seen this.” - Marketing Consultant


To inquire or apply:

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