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Where corporate refugees learn how to do more of what they love and get paid what they’re worth.

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Get your consulting, coaching or small business to grow, on your own terms, so that you can deliver great results to your ideal clients, while supporting the lifestyle you want. Learn more >>

What’s Inside:

→ Powerful Relationships
→ Accountability
→ Live Training & Events
→ Resource Library

→ Brand Amplification
→ Private Platform
→ Peer Network


Inspiring stories and strategies that will help you start, run and grow your own consulting, coaching or small business.

What You’ll Hear:

→ Real Stories
→ Inspiration
→ Expert Advice

→ Practical Tips
→ Self-paced


Inspiring and practical business-building tips and entrepreneurial stories, delivered free, every weekday to your email inbox.

What You’ll Get:

→ Powerful Ideas
→ Daily Inspiration
→ Real Strategies
→ Operational Tips

→ Mindset Support
→ Relationship Ideas
→ Business Development
→ Productivity Tips


Experience transformation in a group setting by applying a proven process to an existing challenge.

What’s Inside:

→ Proven Process
→ Accountability
→ Productive Results

→ Peer Network
→ Inspiration

Be Our Guest

Over 800 episodes and still going strong! Increase your visibility, establish thought leadership, and find networking opportunities by being a guest on the Smashing The Plateau podcast! Join Dorie Clark, Gary Vaynerchuk, Gretchen Rubin and others.

What To Expect:

→ Visibility and Exposure
→ Thought Leadership
→ Resource Library
→ Personal Branding

→ Amplification
→ Networking Opportunies
→ Marketing

You’ve Got This!


David Shriner-Cahn

Meet David, your business confidante and guide, community builder, and podcast host who helps corporate refugees start, run, and grow their businesses.

Latest Podcast Episodes

What they’re saying...

I thought the recent training session was insightful and a lot of fun. The people in this community are professionals from varied backgrounds and collaborating with them became immediately valuable upon joining.

—Wayne Pelletier

Founder & CEO


It is helpful to talk about what I'm working on, what's working, and what's not. Having an opportunity to say what I'm doing out loud to other people, to see if it resonates or not, is always good practice.

—Dana Acuna

SaaS Consultant | Advisor | Speaker

Dana Acuna

Tips and stratgegies are working right now with actionable items you are able to impliment right away - I can’t recommend how important this podcast is for business listeners!

—Jamie Jay

Owner & Managing Director, Bottleneck Virtual Assistants


I feel blessed to be in this community.

—Naava Frank

Expert Consultant for Networks and Communities of Practice


Insightful questions that allowed for a deeper conversation enticing the most valuable tidbits that David knew would benefit his audience and also for me to shine as the expert.

—Naava Frank

Founder, The Elevate Institute


David is a great host and his show strikes the right balance between organic conversation and structured focus. Always something new – highly recommended!

—Laura Sicola

Founder, Vocal Impact Productions


David really engages with each of his guests to understand not only how they have smashed their own plateaus but also to help the listener take away tangible lessons they can apply to their own journeys.

—Sunil Arora

Professional Coach, Arora Partners


Though we're not in the same line of business, a lot of us share the same concerns, whether it is contractual language, legal issues or generating leads.

—Jim Morris

Professional Coach for Product Management Teams


I’ve read up on this topic, and it was kind of cluttered. You were incredibly clear in your presentation. Thank you very much.

—Carl R. Ficks, Jr.

Wellness for Wealth


Please feel free to schedule a time to chat if you have any questions.

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