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David Shriner-Cahn

I’m a business confidante and guide, community builder, and podcast host who helps corporate refugees start, run, and grow their businesses.

I know first-hand the anguished self-doubt, money worries, and fear of the future that come with leaving a corporate career and going it alone, and I have just one word for you:


Don’t assume success will happen overnight
Don’t be afraid to try it someone else’s way
Don’t worry the joy out of things
I learned these lessons the hard way, and they’re the backbone of the work I do, supporting my clients through defining their goals, setting up structure and processes, and, keeping a positive outlook.

We all make business mistakes, and perhaps the biggest is trying to do everything by yourself.

Asking works.

Community works.

I learned those the hard way, too.

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Truths to live by:

You Can Do What You Love And Get Paid What You’re Worth

Most people are unhappy with their jobs, yet afraid to start their own business. Don’t let that be you. Once you know what you love to do using your strengths, building a successful business around your passion and abilities is the next natural step. If you’re not sure what you love to do, now’s the time to find out.

Building Your Own Business Is Easier If You Don’t Do It Alone

Some things in life are meant to be done alone. Building a business isn’t one of them. Sure, inventing the wheel was a monumental achievement, but there’s no sense doing it over and over again. Seek expert advice, models for success, and a community of supportive, like-minded people. That’s the best way to get where you’re going.

Be The Tortoise

The hare’s speed turned out to be a roadblock. Getting things done quickly is fine and good, but not the best predictor of success. Planning ahead, staying on target with your goals, and persevering – that’s how you win the race.

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