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Loneliness. Doubt. Fear. Insecurity.

Lack of self-confidence. Knowledge gaps.

Few peers offering support. Little direct access to experts.

Overload. Confusion.

Consultants battle these struggles every day. Following many years as a high achieving, employed professional, becoming a consultant can feel really daunting.

There’s no doubt that it’s way harder to be a consultant than it is to be an employee. But as an employee, you’ll never have the same level of control over your destiny that you can have as a consultant.

You can build your own business, but you don’t have to build it alone.

The Smashing the Plateau Community includes highly selective consultants who care about, listen to, and collaborate with one another, get answers to burning questions, learn from experts, hold one another accountable, and much more.

Powerful Relationships

Whatever idea you are working on that you hope will bring greater success, you can get feedback from trusted colleagues, access to and recommendations for needed resources, and support when you are feeling the weight of obstacles. You will feel excited to share your progress.


You can stay on track with your Action Plan, meeting with your Accountability Partners and attending our monthly Accountability Day. Pose questions to the community, celebrate your wins and congratulate others on their successes. You will feel more focused and move faster, with greater confidence, toward your objectives.

Live Training and Events

You can attend regular live sessions to learn, share your expertise, and test new ideas. You will gain valuable insights to help you grow your business while feeling more confident about your own services and products.

Community Resources

You can access our growing library of recorded trainings and events, templates, guides and other tools that will help you take your next steps faster and with fewer mistakes along the way.

Promotion by the Community

As a member of the Smashing the Plateau Community, you will have priority access to be a guest on the Smashing the Plateau podcast. You will have opportunities to be featured on the Smashing the Plateau website, social media and email news to our subscribers.

Community Platform

Direct, active and empowering communication takes place on our private online platform. The space is dedicated solely to connecting, engaging and building relationships among members of the Smashing the Plateau Community, without distractions.

A network of peers that face the same challenges as you

Inside the Smashing the Plateau Community, consultants like you come together to meet and support one another, get answers to burning questions, learn from experts, hold one another accountable, and more.

You can build a profitable consulting business that you will be proud to call your own and that can support your lifestyle.

How do you learn more and apply to join the Smashing the Plateau Community?

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