Creating And Connecting That Killer Message With Susan Lindner

“The one underlying thread … is a killer message, and you will never connect with people on the level that you need to without a message that resonates with the audience you are trying to reach.”

Susan Lindner is the master of making incredible connections.  As a former anthropologist and healthcare advocate for AIDS/HIV patients, Susan understands the significance of a powerful message and having it resonate with different audiences. Today she discusses her journey from healthcare consultant to marketing mogul and why having a fundamental understanding of your message is the key to making incredible connections with any audience.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why a killer message is needed to resonate with the audience you’re trying to reach.
  • How to adapt your message to different markets by understanding the core needs of your audience.
  • Why it’s critical to know why you do what you do and how to use it to create your message.
  • The importance of doing what feels right and why every team member must share the same company values.
  • Why seeking out customers who share your values and vision is the key to easy (and successful) marketing.
  • Marketing strategies that create a “shared partnership” with your customers.

Susan Lindner believes that incredible connections can change the world. As the CEO and Founder of Emerging Media, an award-winning PR · Marketing · Branding · Social Media agency, she develops breakthrough strategies that connect her clients to the right media, communities, influencers and prospects. According to her clients, Susan is relentless in pursuing the game-changing opportunities that achieve her clients’ business goals.

Prior to her 10 years in marketing, Susan worked on women’s health issues as an epidemiologist and anthropologist in HIV/AIDS at the Centers for Disease Control/NYC Department of Health, as a researcher in New York’s top hospitals and as a consultant and social development officer with international non-profits in the US and Southeast Asia.

Learn more about Susan at Emerging Media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



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