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Make your Marketing Simple Featuring Lori Lyons

Make your Marketing Simple Featuring Lori Lyons

Lori Lyons is the owner of Ignite Marketing and the creator of the online program Make Your Marketing Simple. 

We discuss:

  • What has changed in marketing over the centuries [2:07]
  • How to make marketing simple [3:30]
  • The person who is not ready to retire [5:07]
  • Know where you’re going [8:52]
  • Living the mantra of being healthy and being ageless [9:53]
  • If YouTube has a video on it, you can be an expert on it [13:47]
  • If you don’t start, it will never be perfect [18:53]

Lori leverages her 35+ years of business experience as a trusted partner, helping small business owners navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape and transform their businesses. 

Learn more about Lori at http://www.ignitingyourbusiness.comLinkedInTwitterInstagram and Facebook.

Brief Description of Gift

A worksheet on three marketing shifts you can make that will provide immediate difference in your bottom line for your business

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