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Using Publicity to Grow Your Consulting or Coaching Business Featuring Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Caroline Ceniza-Levine is the founder of the Dream Career Club and a career coach, writer, and media personality on job market issues. 

We discuss:

  • A classical pianist figuring out a career change [02:05]
  • The trigger that enables you to leave W-2 income and start business income [04:39]
  • How to use publicity to foster your growth [08:12]
  • Dedicating time to do something versus doing x, y, z [09:44]
  • PR tools to help you structure and gain publicity [11:08]
  • If you were advising yourself earlier in your business career [12:41]
  • Why we should all have buffer in our schedule [13:55]
  • How a publicity plan is different from a marketing plan [14:59]
  • The best kind of publicity for consultants and coaches [15:49]
  • Mistakes you can make early on in understanding where your audience consumes information [17:11]
  • The times when your niche can change [19:00]

Caroline is a Senior Contributor to Forbes Leadership and an adjunct at Columbia University. Caroline helps experienced professionals in tech, media, financial services and other industries make a great living doing work they love.

Learn more about Caroline at

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