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From Radio Station Employee to Founder of a Virtual Staffing Agency Featuring Jaime Jay

Jaime Jay is the founding and managing director of Bottleneck Virtual Assistants. 

We discuss:

  • How to get your ex-boss to be your first client [2:33]
  • How to get your ex-boss to be your first client [2:33]
  • Why it’s important to see termination as a blessing [6:05]
  • Ego is the enemy [8:20]
  • Time management for the different roles of the entrepreneur [12:40]
  • The value of recording and documenting your work processes [14:10]
  • Why you can’t confide in your family to make business decisions [15:42]
  • What if this does [not] happen? [18:07]

Together, with an amazing team, they offer professional growth opportunities for ambitious leaders by creating an efficient and systematic approach to identify, hire and cultivate team members who focus on specific roles and responsibilities. 

Learn more about Jaime at Facebook.

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