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Where corporate refugees learn how to do more of what they love and get paid what they’re worth.

David Shriner-Cahn, CEO

David Shriner-Cahn Founder of Smashing the Plateau

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

You're here because you're ready to elevate your consulting business to the next level. To not just survive, but to thrive. You're here to smash through plateaus and make the path to prosperity clearer than ever before.

Over the next few moments, I urge you to engage with this letter. It will introduce you to the essence of the Smashing the Plateau Community, and reveal why this space has been dubbed the ultimate asset for ambitious consultants eager to bolster their success.

In my 40-year corporate career and witnessing the rise and fall of various ventures, one truth has consistently emerged: Success doesn't lie solely in the intensity of one's efforts or the brilliance of their service. While these elements are certainly important, they don't provide the full picture. The difference between a struggling consultant and a thriving one often comes down to two crucial elements: their network and their ability to leverage collective wisdom.

In the consulting world, isolation is a progress killer. It's easy to get caught in a cycle of uncertainty, self-doubt, and missed opportunities.

But here's the good news: You don't have to face it all alone.

Introducing the Smashing the Plateau Community - a dynamic network designed for consultants who are ready to break free from the constraints of the status quo and chart a course towards remarkable success.

What sets this community apart?

For starters, it's a space marked by Powerful Relationships. It's an environment where you can gain feedback from trusted colleagues, get resource recommendations, and feel the shared thrill of shared victories.

The Smashing the Plateau Community also champions Accountability. With a supportive network cheering you on and holding you accountable, your goals don't feel as distant. You'll find motivation and support to fast-track your objectives and experience the satisfaction of shared success.

With Live Training and Events, you'll have access to regular insightful sessions designed to stimulate your business growth and enhance your confidence. Not to mention, a comprehensive Resource Library packed with recorded trainings, templates, guides, and tools to assist you in navigating your business journey with fewer stumbles.

Within our Private Platform, you can engage in empowering discussions and network building without distractions.

Promotion by the Community and Amplification features offer a chance for you to feature on the Smashing the Plateau podcast, website, and our social media platforms.

Our Peer Network is made up of individuals facing the same challenges as you, ready to support and learn from each other.

So, if you're ready to smash through your plateaus and elevate your consulting business to new heights, let's get started with the Smashing the Plateau Community. Here, your dreams aren't just possible - they're probable.


What this community is NOT

A free online community

While the Internet is full of free online communities that promise a lot but deliver little, the Smashing the Plateau Community is different. This is a premium community of dedicated and focused consultants who understand that quality insights, connections, and resources come with a value. The members here are committed to investing in themselves and their businesses, and are ready to exchange their experiences and knowledge to raise the collective wisdom of the group. This is not a free ride, but a priceless journey towards personal and professional growth.

An anonymous group of people

The Smashing the Plateau Community is not a place where you blend into the crowd or hide behind anonymity. Here, every member is known, acknowledged, and valued. We thrive on the principle of genuine connection and collaboration. The personal interactions, shared experiences, and open dialogues are what makes this community a close-knit group of peers, not just an anonymous collection of profiles.

Part-time side hustlers

Our community is not designed for those looking to dip their toes in consulting or treat it as a side hustle. Instead, we cater to consultants who are committed to their craft full-time and are passionate about growing their consulting businesses. Our resources, training sessions, and discussions are geared towards individuals who are serious about their consulting career and are actively working towards their business goals.

Light-hearted business webinars

While we believe in the importance of a friendly and approachable learning environment, our training and events are far from being just 'light-hearted business webinars'. We host in-depth, comprehensive, and insightful sessions, guided by industry experts and thought leaders. We delve into the pressing issues faced by consultants, offer practical solutions, and inspire action. Our focus is on providing value-packed content that drives meaningful progress, rather than just casual business chats.

What this community offers YOU

Serious and In-depth Conversations with Other Entrepreneurs

At the Smashing the Plateau Community, we facilitate meaningful and thoughtful discussions among entrepreneurs. Our members engage in serious conversations that delve deep into the realities of running a consulting business. These discussions allow for knowledge sharing, problem-solving, and fostering of a supportive network that extends beyond surface-level networking. Webcams are expected to be on at all sessions. This is not a place to hide.

Demanding Accountability to Grow Your Business

To enable your business growth, we foster an environment of rigorous accountability. Our members are committed to tracking their progress, setting and meeting ambitious goals, and maintaining a high level of responsibility towards their personal and business development. We believe that accountability is a vital ingredient for success, and we make it a priority within our community.

Challenge, Compassion, and Advice from Other Like-minded Entrepreneurs

Our community is a blend of challenge, compassion, and advice. Here, you'll find like-minded entrepreneurs who are not afraid to challenge each other to reach new heights, offer compassionate support during difficult times, and readily share their wisdom and advice. We believe in collective growth and the power of a supportive network, and that's exactly what you'll find here.

Direct Face-to-Face Access with Top Experts

One of the key benefits of being part of the Smashing the Plateau Community is gaining direct face-to-face access to top experts in the field. These experts bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to the community, offering unique insights and valuable advice that can significantly contribute to your business success.

24/7 Private Community Platform

Our 24/7 private community platform is your go-to hub for networking, learning, and collaboration. With round-the-clock access, you can connect with other members, engage in discussions, access resources, and seek support whenever you need it. The platform is dedicated to helping you build relationships, exchange ideas, and grow your business in a distraction-free environment.

What our own members say about the community

member - wayne pelletier

Wayne Pelletier
Founder and CEO

"I thought the recent training session was insightful and a lot of fun. The people in this community are professionals from varied backgrounds and collaborating with them became immediately valuable upon joining."

Dana Acuna
SaaS Consultant | Advisor | Speaker

"I thought the recent training session was insightful and a lot of fun. The people in this community are professionals from varied backgrounds and collaborating with them became immediately valuable upon joining."

Dana Acuna
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