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Mastering Your Emotional Intelligence With MJ Fitzpatrick

Mastering Your Emotional Intelligence With MJ Fitzpatrick

In today’s episode of Smashing The Plateau, things get personal as speaker, coach, and emotional intelligence expert MJ Fitzpatrick opens up about his near death experience, and how it set him on a path to self-awareness. During our conversation, MJ shares more of his personal story, and reveals how leaders can project certainty and conquer self-doubt. He also breaks down the three simple stages to mastering a new skill, and shows us how to transform traumatic events into positive forces.

We discuss…

  • Why we all have the power to control our emotions (and how to do it)
  • How long it really takes to shift your emotional intelligence
  • Why true growth takes real commitment
  • Training your brain to manage triggers and fear
  • How to speak positivity into your life

MJ Fitzpatrick is a young Australian committed to changing how we talk about self-awareness. After living through some intense trauma as he was growing up, and a near death experience when he broke his neck playing sport, MJ became obsessed with healing himself and trying to understand why people hide from the world and from fear.

After dropping out of Med School to follow his dreams and build a business that teaches what he has learned to others, MJ is now running that business teaching emotional intelligence as a competitive advantage. As a person he is dedicated and addicted to learning, science, experiencing joy and annoying his partner.

Learn more about MJ at mjfitzpatrick.com, thymos.com.au, and LinkedIn.







About the author, David Shriner-Cahn

David is the podcast host and community builder behind Smashing the Plateau, an online platform offering resources, accountability, and camaraderie to high-performing professionals who are making the leap from the corporate career track to entrepreneurial business ownership.

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