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From Litigation Lawyer to Entrepreneur Featuring Tsufit

After 10 years as a Dean’s List litigation lawyer, Tsufit left law for the limelight, performing comedy on national TV and gaining international attention for her debut music CD.

We discuss:

  • The transformation process of going from “practical” to “impractical” [2:15]
  • Step into the spotlight: How to be your own publicist [10:48]
  • How to live the dream, not only sell it [13:49]
  • How to keep moving forward when thoughts are overwhelming you at 3 o’clock in the morning [19:19]

Learn more about Tsufit at http://www.tsufit.comLinkedIn and Twitter.

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About the author, David Shriner-Cahn

Host of the podcasts Smashing the Plateau and Going Solo, David guides solopreneurs selling knowledge and creativity to build profitability and sustainability in their businesses.

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