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How to Recover from Your Role as a Corporate Executive Featuring Melissa Carson

Recovering corporate HR executive turned activator for leaders who want to show up as the best versions of themselves and advisor for organizations focused on creating workplaces that people want to be part of.

We discuss:

  • All of the things you [don’t] want to do [01:38]
  • Not necessarily a money maker right up front [04:17]
  • Strategy opposed to execution [06:00]
  • Why we should be talking about performance day to day [07:51]
  • The people who already know they have an opportunity to step up [11:34]
  • Rather try it and fail, than not try it at all [12:40]
  • What “ready” means for Melissa [14:14]
  • Why not be the differentiating thing someone needs [15:28]
  • How to deal with feeling insecure about sales [16:18]
  • The trap of buying everybody’s course or strategy [17:45]

Learn more about Melissa at and LinkedIn.

About the author, David Shriner-Cahn

Host of the podcasts Smashing the Plateau and Going Solo, David guides solopreneurs selling knowledge and creativity to build profitability and sustainability in their businesses.

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