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Posts by David Shriner-Cahn

How To Generate Revenue With Online Marketing Featuring Ahsan Karim

Ahsan Karim is a business strategist and founder of Light Vision Group. His company helps businesses generate more revenue with online marketing.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, Ahsan shares his insightful journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. With a focus on helping businesses amplify their online presence, Ahsan highlights the importance of community, coaching, and strategic online marketing for entrepreneurs.

Ahsan and I discuss:

  • Making the pivot from it to business coaching [00:02:52]
  • The first entrepreneurial steps and valuing exchanges [00:04:33]
  • Building light vision group and mastering digital marketing [00:08:08]
  • Identifying the ideal client for online success [00:09:40]
  • Expanding reach: local success stories to global visions [00:12:28]
  • Unique global insights through personal journey and connections [00:13:26]
  • Creating collaborative and customized coaching curriculums [00:16:15]
  • The power of community in entrepreneurship [00:18:56]
  • Upcoming projects to help entrepreneurs enhance their online presence [00:21:10]

Learn more about Ahsan at https://lightvisiongroup.com/.

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How To Build Your Own Strategy For Launching And Scaling Exponential Business Growth Featuring Geoffrey Kent

Geoffrey Kent is an esteemed educator, coach, entrepreneur, and the brain behind Think Big with Geoffrey Kent. With an impressive entrepreneurial trajectory spanning over half a century, Geoffrey has crafted a robust methodology that empowers entrepreneurs to devise their personalized strategies to initiate, responsibly escalate, and successfully exit their businesses. Geoffrey, a Wharton School of Business MBA holder with a focus on Entrepreneurial Management, has also shared his expertise at Lincoln University and carried out more than 20 entrepreneurial initiatives in the past five decades.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how Geoffrey Kent built his entrepreneurial university online and share his insights on creating generational wealth. 

Geoffrey and David discuss:

  • Geoffrey’s journey to entrepreneurship and the creation of his course [00:17:55]
  • The importance of narrating your course and turning it into a book [00:23:45]
  • The platform Geoffrey made to teach entrepreneurs online [00:23:55]
  • Geoffrey’s focus on Alignable as a platform for teaching [00:24:10]
  • The creation of Entrepreneur University on Alignable [00:24:20]
  • The unconventional approach of Entrepreneur University on Alignable [00:24:45]
  • How to get more information about Geoffrey’s work [00:25:00]
  • Geoffrey’s presence on various platforms for disseminating daily content [00:25:25]

Learn more about Geoffrey at www.thinkbigwithgeoffreykent.com, and search “Think Big with Geoffrey Kent” on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, Alignable, and YouTube.

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How To Integrate Ai With Human Connection For Effective Communication Featuring Jürgen Strauss

Dr. Jürgen Strauss, the founder of Innovabiz, is globally celebrated as a human-centered podcasting coach. He guides high achievers in leveraging podcasting for business growth. Having produced over 590 InnovaBuzz Podcast episodes, his expertise resides at the intersection of technology, human behavior, and marketing. 

He utilizes his years of experience in both the corporate and small business sectors to cultivate deep connections, thus broadening the professional networks of high-impact individuals. He expertly integrates generative AI, such as ChatGPT, with human connection to enhance effective communication. Beyond his professional pursuits, he is a passionate photographer, speaker, and cyclist.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how to pivot according to your audience’s needs, the significance of asking the right questions, and how to utilize AI tools for more human-like interactions.

Jürgen and I discuss:

  • The importance of audience understanding and quick adaptation [00:13:50]
  • How Jurgen pivoted his business approach [00:14:00]
  • Jurgen’s methods of understanding the market [00:14:30]
  • The art of asking meaningful questions [00:14:40]
  • The concept of assistance versus help [00:15:00]
  • How to identify gaps and contribute effectively [00:15:30]
  • Jurgen’s dream for Flywheel Nation [00:19:10]
  • The benefits of being in a community [00:20:00]
  • Jurgen’s definition of community [00:21:40]
  • The application of ChatGPT in business [00:22:10]
  • How to leverage AI tools for human connection [00:23:35]

Learn more about Jurgen at www.innovabiz.co and more about his community at www.innovabiz.co/flywheel.

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How To Make Work More Productive, Valuable, Meaningful, And Impactful Featuring Thomas Bertels

Thomas Bertels is a management consultant and business transformation expert. He has more than 25 years’ experience helping companies across a range of industries, from start-ups to Fortune 5, transform how work gets done. Thinkers360 has recognized Thomas as a Top 50 Thought Leader on the Future of Work and Design Thinking. 

He has written several books and numerous articles on work design, process improvement, business transformation, and organizational learning. His latest book is ‘Fixing Work: Designing Jobs Employees Love’ ( Greenleaf Book Group). He is also the host of the Work Matters podcast, where he explores in conversations with thought leaders and executives what leaders can do to fix work.

In this episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how to make work more productive, valuable, meaningful, and impactful.

Thomas and I discuss:

  • Thomas’s journey in consulting and his transformation towards innovative work design [00:17]
  • How the evolution of publishing affected his process of authoring “Fixing Work” [02:25]
  • The prevalent challenges of being a thought leader in today’s ever-evolving landscape [06:01]
  • A deep-dive into the emerging models of consulting, focusing on productization and a client-focused approach [09:31]
  • The principles and practical components of his work design framework [12:02]
  • The significance and role of community in consulting [18:10]

Learn more about Thomas Bertels at:

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How To Make Critical Decisions and Understand The Importance Of Inner Resourcefulness Featuring Namita Purohit

Namita Purohit left a promising career at Microsoft and embarked on her journey as an entrepreneur, fueled by her deep-rooted belief in Eastern Wisdom. She champions the idea of cultivating inner resourcefulness and emphasizes the importance of community in both personal and professional development.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how to make critical decisions, understand the importance of inner resourcefulness, and the crucial role communities play in our lives.

Namita and I discuss:

  • Namita’s transition from Microsoft to entrepreneurship [00:12:29]
  • The significance of decision-making and freedom [00:14:53]
  • The concept of inner resourcefulness [00:20:35]
  • Valuing personal pleasure and priorities over societal pressure [00:19:30]
  • The role of communities in our lives [00:26:40]
  • Namita’s coaching brand EASE, focusing on emotional awareness, spirituality, and excellence [00:27:30]

Learn more about Namita at https://www.namitapurohit.com

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The Importance of Structure and Accountability in Establishing And Growing Your Own Business Featuring Sara Murray

Sara Murray is an advisor, consultant, and speaker working with leaders and sales teams to unlock the untapped potential in their prospecting and business development efforts. 

With a focus on construction, real estate, hospitality, design, and technology industries, Sara empowers professionals to enhance their communication skills, approach prospecting creatively, and effectively address business needs rather than simply push products.

As the host of the popular podcast “Prospecting on Purpose,” Sara provides a valuable platform for discussions on prospecting, sales, business strategies, and mindset, leaving listeners with tangible takeaways and increased confidence.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you’ll learn about the importance of structure and accountability in establishing and growing your own business. Sara offers practical advice and tangible methods for achieving your sales goals and creating a successful business model.

Sara and I discuss:

  • The transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship [02:04]
  • The process of establishing structure in your business [04:15]
  • Decision-making in terms of which business model to pursue [07:51]
  • The role of workshops in growing a business [10:37]
  • Practical ways of developing business sales [14:12]
  • The benefits of using a podcast as a resource [16:19]
  • Navigating challenges in entrepreneurship [20:41]
  • Strategies for personal and business growth [23:14]
  • Resource availability and how to get in touch with Sara [25:55]

Learn more about Sara at connect.saramurray.com and follow her on LinkedIn. You can also access her podcast, Prospecting on Purpose, on YouTube and all significant platforms where podcasts are available.

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How To Balance Life And Work While Increasing Productivity And Achieving Business Success Featuring Marcey Rader

Marcey Rader believes health powers productivity. As the founder of RaderCo, she helps corporate refugees banish burnout through practical tools and sustainable habits.

Marcey is a multi-certified health and productivity expert, a digital wellness practitioner, three-time author, has spoken on five continents, and is part of the 1% of speakers worldwide with the distinguished Certified Speaking Professional® designation. 

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, Marcey shares her wealth of knowledge on how to bring balance into your life and work while skyrocketing your productivity and achieving success in your business.

Marcey and I discuss:

  • How Marcey transitioned from being the primary earner in her family to becoming an entrepreneur [02:15]
  • The importance of a coach and a mastermind group in her business journey [04:22]
  • Dealing with the corporate mindset and the challenges it presents when starting your own business [09:02]
  • Techniques for placing value on your services [14:11]
  • Marcey’s insights on the importance of a carefully curated group in leadership roles [19:30]

Learn more about Marcey www.helloraderco.com and www.marceyrader.com.

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Learn About Marketing And Sales Techniques For Deliverable Results Featuring Lois Creamer

Lois Creamer works with speakers, consultants, and experts who want to book more business, make more money and fully monetize their message. 

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn about marketing and sales techniques for deliverable results, the significance of leveraging relationships and databases for revenue, the advantages of self-publication, and the joy of leading a successful membership community.

Lois and I discuss:

  • Lois’s journey in developing her sales skills and the importance of selling one’s unique expertise [02:30]
  • The uniqueness of each person’s expertise delivery and how to leverage others’ expertise [06:10]
  • The value of databases as a strategic business asset and why it’s essential to take it seriously [09:17]
  • Lois’s self-publication journey and reasons for choosing self-publication over traditional publishing [13:21]
  • The joy, value, and structure of Lois’s membership community [26:05]

Learn more about Lois Creamer at bookmorebusiness.com. Sign up for her blog and receive a free eBook on how to sell a speech.

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How To Build A Successful Online Business, Find The Right Niche, And Grow Your Digital Entrepreneurship Journey With Smart Actionable Steps Featuring Scott Brenner

Scott Brenner is a seasoned digital entrepreneur and the strategic brain behind Online Business From Scratch, a business that guides aspiring entrepreneurs to launch successful online businesses. Brenner, who has decades of online business and technical experience, firmly believes in imparting actionable strategies for the fruition of those ideas.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how to build a successful online business, find the right niche, and grow your digital entrepreneurship journey with smart actionable steps.

Scott and David discuss:

  • What led Scott Brenner to become an entrepreneur [00:02:48]
  • How Scott found his niche in online business coaching [00:06:32]
  • The relevance of building a profitable business model [00:08:11]
  • Why choosing the right audience is crucial in entrepreneurship [00:09:21]
  • The significance of validating business ideas [00:12:15]
  • How Scott delivers value to his clients [00:14:02]
  • Navigating the entrepreneurial journey with communities [00:17:01]
  • Scott’s approach to creating interactive business courses [00:19:45]
  • Scott’s free ebook and a special offer for Smashing the Plateau audience [00:23:32]

Learn more about Scott at https://14steps.online/.

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How to Be Viewed on Linkedin as a Resource Providing High-Quality, Consistent Ideas to Your Audience Featuring Annie Franceschi

Annie Franceschi is a leading branding expert, professional speaker, and founder of Greatest Story Creative. After working for Disney and becoming a “branding super sleuth”, she is now devoted to helping savvy entrepreneurs tell their story.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how leaving your corporate career and focusing on what you’re best at can result in significant business growth.

Annie and David discuss:

  • Annie’s journey from a corporate career at Disney to becoming an entrepreneur [02:13]
  • How Annie found her niche in business branding [05:46]
  • The benefits of having repeatable processes in your business [08:34]
  • The importance of support from like-minded entrepreneurs [11:12]
  • The significance of running a well-focused business instead of trying to be all things to all people [14:40]
  • Advice for those wanting to venture into entrepreneurship [16:39]
  • A closer look at what Annie does for her clients now [21:54]

Learn more about Annie at www.greateststorycreative.com.

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How To Harness The Power Of Community To Take Your Business To The Next Level Featuring Mindy Iannelli

Mindy Iannelli is the Chief Focus Architect of Complete Online Presence, an organization that helps people build their online businesses. Mindy is an expert in creating courses and communities designed to help entrepreneurs become more productive and reach their goals. 

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how to harness the power of community to fuel your entrepreneurial journey and reach new heights in your business.

Mindy and I discuss:

  • How Mindy transitioned from web development to building a community [00:13:25]
  • The importance of being open to unexpected opportunities [00:14:05]
  • Mindy’s experience as a community member and leader [00:14:02]
  • The kinds of problems community can solve [00:17:35]
  • How someone else’s post motivated Mindy to take action [00:18:39]
  • Mindy’s definition of community [00:19:30]
  • The ultimate dream for Mindy’s community [00:20:30]
  • Where to get in touch with Mindy and learn more about her community [00:20:43]

Learn more about Mindy at https://completeonlinepresence.com/succeed-with-ease-membership/

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How to avoid the loneliness of going solo featuring Robin Wycherley

Robin Wycherly is the CEO of Optimize Your Design Business, a company that caters to corporate clients and high-level customers. Robin is also an accomplished interior designer and a business coach, leveraging years of experience in building a small but effective company.

In today’s episode, you will learn how to avoid the loneliness of going solo.

Robin and David discuss:

  • Robin’s evolution as an entrepreneur and the shift to coaching [00:13:35]
  • The importance of having a clear vision and identifying a niche [00:13:45]
  • The value of setting up processes and checklists from day one [00:14:00]
  • The significance of systematizing your business process and delegating tasks [00:14:50]
  • The struggle designers experience with delegating tasks [00:15:10]
  • How online communities can provide a supportive environment for solopreneurs [00:18:30]
  • The use of a basic spreadsheet to provide a quick visual insight into your business [00:22:04]

Learn more about Robin and his work at optimizeyourdesignbusiness.com. You can download Robin’s spreadsheet dashboard at optimizeyourdesignbusiness.com/free.

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The Business of Community Featuring Tatiana Figueiredo

Tatiana Figueiredo

Tatiana is a community business strategist, teacher, and founder of The Business of Community, a learning organization helping community founders scale values-driven community businesses. Before focusing exclusively on supporting community founders, Tatiana worked in international sales, marketing, product management, and growing her own community business to 2000+ members. 

She believes our childhood experiences with connection and belonging play a major part in the communities and businesses we build. Part of her job is helping community founders unlock those experiences and leverage them to build stronger communities.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how Tatiana founded the Business of Community and what makes community a unique aspect of how a business can succeed.

Tatiana and David discuss:

  • How Tatiana’s varied background led her to building communities [00:02:35]
  • The challenges and rewards of creating a community-led business [00:14:30]
  • The unexpected decision to become an entrepreneur [00:14:40]
  • The shift from working in a startup to venturing out on her own [00:15:15]
  • The transition from in-person community to online during the pandemic [00:17:30]
  • The elements that make community-building fun and rewarding [00:17:10]
  • The evolution of Tatiana’s business, from consulting to creating a community [00:18:35]
  • The tension and balance between building community and running a business [00:20:40]
  • How to incorporate ‘community vibes’ into standard business operations [00:22:30]

Learn more about Tatiana, her work, and The Business of Community at https://businessofcommunity.co

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When You Give Yourself Permission Featuring Michal Stawicki

Michal Stawicki, nicknamed Mr. Consistency, is a bestselling author in the personal development field(19 books, over 85,000 copies sold), business coach, and founder of the book advertising agency Resurrecting Books. 

He is obsessed with changing the world through daily habits, starting with his own habits and his world. Michal preaches and practices consistent daily action. He believes this is the means to achieve success in any area of life, from parenting to business.

In today’s episode, you will learn what happens when you give yourself permission to start something new.

Michal and David discuss:

  • Michal’s transition from a lifelong employee to an entrepreneur [00:05:00]
  • The power of consistent daily action in achieving success [00:10:10]
  • The challenges and rewards of managing a team and oneself in entrepreneurship [00:15:10]
  • The importance of adapting online lessons to one’s specific situation [00:20:15]
  • The role of community and collaboration in business success, as exemplified by Michal’s experiences [00:25:35]

Learn more about Michal at his personal blog, Expand Beyond Yourself, and his business website ResurrectingBooks.

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How to Make Career Fulfillment a Career Reality Featuring Alicia Ramsdell

Alicia Ramsdell is the Founder & CEO of Mindful Career Path. She started this organization with the intention of making career fulfillment a career reality for her clients.

Since then she inspires Corporate Partners and individuals through career development conversations. Most recently, she inspired her audience sharing her message on the TEDx stage.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how to make career fulfillment a career reality.

Alicia and I discuss:

  • About her career journey [01:42]
  • What is the correlation between mindfulness and career fulfillment [04:35]
  • Why is she in her business [06:10]
  • How did she navigate unexpected transitions [12:40]
  • How to be true to the values and teachings [14:34]
  • How to be authentic in yourself [17:53]
  • What is the primary problem she solve for her ideal clients [18:22]
  • What are the benefits of being in a community [23:55]

Learn more about Alicia:

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The Smashing the Plateau Community

Learn Techniques You Can Use to Ask Friends, Colleagues and Mentors for Help Even When it Feels Difficult to Do So Featuring Ethan Chazin

Ethan is a performance improvement coach and change management consultant. His unique value proposition is, he specialize in working with clients to improve their people’s performance, productivity, and profitability through training, coaching, and culture consulting.

In todays’ episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn techniques you can use to ask friends, colleagues and mentors for help even when it feels difficult to do so.

Ethan and I discuss:

  • Ethan’s experience becoming a corporate refugee [00:24]
  • How our self-worth reflects what we share with others [01:55]
  • 4-5 relationships that are key to your success [06:12]
  • Asking for help is not so easy [10:07]
  • Techniques to ask for help when it feels hard to do [12:05]
  • Relationships in a community [18:49]

Learn more about Ethan at https://thechazingroup.com or get in touch with Ethan at ethan@thechazingroup.com

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The Smashing the Plateau Community

Learn How to Sell Your Expertise Featuring Caitlin Doemner

Caitlin Cogan Doemner is the founder & CEO of VirtualCoachingSales.com and ecstaticsales.com. After studying at Oxford University and getting her MBA from Biola University, Caitlin Doemner launched a sales management company which generated over $11M in new revenue for its clients in 8 years.

She has published multiple books, including “The Unseen Sales Machine” and “Sell with Heart.” After realizing that the coaching industry needed more transparency, she launched BookofExperts.com — a referral network and a media company that gives transformational leaders (like coaches and consultants) more visibility and consistent referrals.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how to use an ongoing process to sell one promise to one person.

Caitlin and I discuss:

  • How to sell without explicitly stating that you are selling something [02:35]
  • How she built her company and made the shift to entrepreneurship [03:04]
  • How she recovered from a tragic event [04:11]
  • What the key secret is to successful selling [06:30]
  • How to approach selling as an act of love and service [07:59]
  • How the sales team can effectively collaborate with consultants and coaches [14:44]
  • At what stage in business consultants and coaches require assistance [17:07]
  • Why prioritizing revenue over profit is not the right approach in business [20:43]
  • What her personal experience is as a member of a community [21:36]

Learn more about Caitlin at https://ecstaticsales.com/

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The Smashing the Plateau Community

How to Ditch Hourly Billing Featuring Jonathan Stark

Jonathan Stark is a former software developer who is on a mission to rid the world of hourly billing. He is the author of Hourly Billing Is Nuts, the host of Ditching Hourly, and writes a daily newsletter on pricing for independent professionals.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how you can make more money without working more hours.

Jonathan and I discuss the following topics:

  • How did he become focused on ending the hourly billing model? [01:38]
  • How long did it take for Jonathan to see the changes in his income? [05:32]
  • How did he discover value-based fees? [05:48]
  • What reasons did Jonathan come up with to go solo? [07:47]
  • Who is his target audience for his teaching model? [10:34]
  • What is needed for a mindset shift? [11:39]
  • How to ensure that price will dictate costs? [11:52]
  • What did his mindset shift in providing value first? [15:26]
  • What does it take to make a shift and start your own business? [17:35]
  • How does community become a game changer for him? [20:02]
  • What is his definition of community? [22:47]

Learn more about Jonathan Stark at http://valuepricingbootcamp.com/.

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How to Productize Your Services Featuring Wayne Pelletier

After 25 years as a creative professional, Wayne Pelletier founded Resonant Pixel Company just three years ago.

The business experienced some early rapid growth, but it wasn’t the business Wayne wanted.

He has since transitioned the company into productized services, helping small businesses leverage the Squarespace platform to go from having an informational brochure-ware website to a transactional growth engine.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how you can create consistency and financial stability in a creative business where your competitors typically sell projects.

Wayne and I discuss:

  • How he went from unemployment to getting his business started [02:03]
  • Why Wayne focuses on the Squarespace platform [05:17]
  • Working in your business vs. working on your business [06:24]
  • Learning how to hire [09:29]
  • How to delegate and get great results for clients [13:30]
  • Wayne’s experience with community [21:24]

Learn more about Wayne at https://resonantpixel.co and https://www.linkedin.com/in/waynepelletier/.

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How to Scale an Expertise-Based Business Featuring Jason Van Orden

Jason Van Orden helps consultants and coaches turn their expertise into online courses and group programs so they can help more people and generate more income.

Jason’s mission is to help visionaries with impactful ideas to connect with the people they serve best and the problems they can most uniquely solve.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how you can exceed your previous employment income by connecting with the people you can serve best and provide outcomes that they desire.

Jason and I discuss:

  • Why he focuses on working with consultants and coaches [01:41]
  • Strategies for increasing income quickly [02:58]
  • How to overcome your lack of self-confidence while having conversations with clients [10:26]
  • How to exceed your corporate income substantially [14:52]
  • The benefits of collaborating in a community leadership role [21:15]

Learn more about Jason at https://jasonvanorden.com/

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The Smashing the Plateau Community

How to Make the Last Quarter of Your Career Your Best Quarter Featuring Scott Couchenour

Scott A. Couchenour’s professional life of 30 years as a corporate COO and then CEO ended abruptly. He had to close the family business forever.

Scott found his way out.

Today, he works primarily with Executive Leaders and Business Owners in their 40’s-50’s to tame the chaos, design their next adventure, and then implement that journey through an iterative, cyclical coaching methodology.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how you can prepare for an epic 4th quarter of your career and finish strong.

Scott and I discuss:

  • His abrupt career pivot [02:13]
  • Nurturing pre-client relationships [07:48]
  • Serving vs. selling [12:01]
  • Active listening to be a resource for clients [15:24]
  • Mistakes that didn’t produce clients [16:44]
  • How to find the best resource to help you through a career transition [18:57]
  • The feeling of being controlled by circumstances or other people’s decisions [22:53]

Learn more about Scott at https://www.servingstrong.com and https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottcouchenour. Get in touch with Scott at coach@servingstrong.com.

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How to Get More Clients When You Hate Selling Featuring Reuben Swartz

Reuben Swartz is the founder of Mimiran, where his experience as a sales and marketing consultant for the Fortune 500, who struggled with his own sales and marketing efforts, led him to create the fun “anti-CRM” for independent consultants who love serving clients but hate “selling.” He’s also the host and chief nerd on the Sales for Nerds podcast.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how you can have great conversations in an organized way and increase new business.

Reuben and I discuss:

  • How Reuben ended up creating a CRM [02:41]
  • Why independent consultants need their own CRM [04:27]
  • How consultants can overcome their dislike of selling [06:21]
  • How to create a system for having consistent, meaningful conversations [08:38]
  • Connecting with other like-minded business owners in community [16:48]

Learn more about Reuben at www.mimiran.com, www.mimiran.com/stp, and www.salesfornerds.io.

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The Smashing the Plateau Community

From F100 C-Suite to Owner and CEO Featuring Janice Burg-Levi

Janice Burg-Levi is a former Business & Marketing Executive with a diverse background in financial services, global telecommunications, media, and technology.

She has spent her career leading business strategy and marketing at companies such as AT&T, Avaya, Unisys, Accenture, and KPMG, and now is the owner and CEO of Intracoastal Marketing and Strategy Group, LLC.

She is also the host of a national podcast called It’s Great Business.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how a career-leading business strategy and marketing for global companies empower the success of a new CEO in her own business.

Janice and I discuss:

  • Her career, relationships, and community [02:39]
  • How community led to Janice’s podcast [08:28]
  • What caused Janice to start her own business [11:18]
  • The hidden cost of not having a marketing plan [15:16]
  • Business transformation you can achieve with effective marketing [17:31]

Learn more about Janice at https://intracoastalmarketingstrategy.com and get in touch with Janice at janice@intracoastalmarketingstrategy.com.

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How to Live Your Values in a Career Transition Featuring Emmy Petersson

Emmy Petersson is a certified coach who has worked with people in transitions that involve career changes and/or changes in their country of residence since 2013.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how to unlock what’s next in your career to find flow, fulfillment and connect with your values in your work.

Emmy and I discuss:

  • What led Emmy to start her business [01:47]
  • Developing your niche [05:37]
  • How to restart your career when you feel stuck [07:17]
  • How to make a major transition and increase your income [15:51]
  • Community experiences [20:47]

Learn more about Emmy at https://www.linkedin.com/in/emmy-petersson-career-coach/, and https://www.thebridgecoaching.com.au/.

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How to Build a Successful Coaching Business Featuring Porschia Parker-Griffin

Porschia Parker-Griffin is CEO of Fly High Coaching.

She and her team of coaches and resume writers have helped thousands of clients with their career, leadership, and business goals. She is a Professional Certified Coach, a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Master Practitioner, and holds a Hogan Assessments Certification.

In today’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, you will learn how you can build a successful coaching business and stand out in your marketplace.

Porschia and I discuss:

  • How she made the transition from employment into her own business [01:57]
  • How Porschia found the support she needed to grow her business [08:38]
  • Getting the right support when you aren’t hitting your business objectives [10:33]
  • The importance of an exit strategy [11:20]
  • Positive surprises that turned out to be game changers [13:57]
  • The importance of listening to your clients [17:35]
  • Why communities are vital to your business growth [19:50]

Porschia also has experience as a Director and Business Consultant in the financial industry, helping companies unlock millions of dollars in potential hiding in their companies.

She has been recognized as a Career Expert by LinkedIn and hosts the Career 101 Podcast.

Learn more about Porschia at http://www.fly-highcoaching.com/.

Access the free Kick-Start Your Success Course at http://www.fly-highcoaching.com/kss.

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