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Let’s Do the Books Featuring Mark Butler

Mark Butler is the founder of the accounting startup Let’s Do the Books, as well as the bookkeeper, CFO and confidante to top online entrepreneurs like Brooke Castillo and Stacey Boehman. Before working in finance, Mark co-founded three online businesses that brought in close to $2 million in total revenue.   We discuss:  You need a budget [1:47] …

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Test Masterclass Post 2

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Improve Your Influence Featuring Stacey Hanke

Stacey Hanke author of “Influence Redefined: Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be, Monday to Monday”

Stacey Hanke is author of the book “Influence Redefined: Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be, Monday to Monday”. She has trained and presented to thousands to rid business leaders of bad body language habits and to choose words wisely. She’s worked with leaders at FedEx, Nationwide, Boeing and Oracle. She is a Certified Speaking Professional…

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Launching a Brand Strategy Business Featuring Kevin Perlmutter

Kevin Perlmutter of Limbic Brand Evolution

Kevin Perlmutter is a Brand and Customer Relationship Strategist. He is Chief Strategist and Founder of Limbic Brand Evolution, where he helps CMO’s, Brand and Business Leaders strengthen customer relationships through the lens of emotion. He applies behavioral science to turn emotional insights into a competitive advantage.   We discuss:  Why experiences are more important than advertisement [1:23]  Going…

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Business Value Based on Your Unique Story Featuring Susan Drumm

Susan Drumm for Going Solo

Susan Drumm is a CEO Advisor and Leadership Coach with over 20 years of experience leading teams and senior executives to achieve their potential.    We discuss:  The surprising benefits of nonlinear transitions [1:47]  How to get your fire back and create exciting opportunities for yourself [5:59]  What business leaders can learn from great actors [10:16]  Drawing from multiple disciplines…

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Multiply Your Success with Interns Featuring Matt Zinman

Matt Zinman, CEO of The Internship Institute

Matt Zinman is a difference-maker devoted to personally enrich the lives of at least 100 million people by 2025.   We discuss:  How interns could be helpful when going through a major transition [1:32]  Putting earned confidence in action [6:27]  Hiring interns versus hiring virtual assistants [8:30]  Ways to use interns as a multiplier [9:30]  Overcoming business challenges with a no-quit…

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Growing Revenue by Finding Your Niche Featuring James Burgess

James Burgess is the founder of FOCUS31 an international management consulting company

James Burgess is the author of the international bestselling book CHAOS: How Business Leaders Can Master the Power of Focus and “No Problem” Is The Problem; How to Attract and Retain Raving Fans. He is a professional speaker and Founder of FOCUS31 an international management consulting company that are global experts in Business Planning for businesses from start-up…

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The Unstoppable Startup Featuring Uri Adoni

Uri Adoni is the author of the book "The Unstoppable Startup – Mastering Israel's Secret Rules of Chutzpah"

Uri Adoni is the author of the book “The Unstoppable Startup – Mastering Israel’s Secret Rules of Chutzpah”, published by Harper Collins.    We discuss:  The secret sauce of the Israeli high-tech companies [1:53]  Summarizing your 30-minute talk to a tweet [4:07]  The six principles behind the mindset of chutzpah [6:34]  Why you need a good musical ear to dominate your niche [17:48] …

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Business Success in an Age of Disruption Featuring Mark Monchek

Mark Monchek is the Founder and Chief Opportunity Officer of Opportunity Lab

Mark Monchek is the Founder and Chief Opportunity Officer of Opportunity Lab, a strategy consulting firm focused on conscious growth.   We discuss:  A new way to think about disruption and opportunity [1:57]  How a non-unique company thrives during a pandemic [3:21]  The key frameworks necessary to build a culture of sustainability [5:56]  The wider lens of the collective…

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Finding Your Golden Thread Featuring Yvonne Dam

Yvonne Dam is an online business coach who helps driven business owners double their profit and not their hours

Yvonne Dam is an online business coach that helps driven business owners to double their turnover and not their hours.    We discuss:  A good starting point to start your own business [1:46]  How to find your golden thread [4:38]  Engaging with your clients first: a time-saving strategy for entrepreneurs [6:10]  The one thing that makes a difference when going…

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Control Your Future as an Entrepreneur Featuring Craig M. Chavis, Jr.

Craig Chavis Jr. author of Burdens of a Dream

Craig M. Chavis, Jr. is an author and coach that specializes in helping working professionals launch profitable businesses and successfully transition into full-time entrepreneurship.   We discuss:   Planting the seeds of becoming an entrepreneur [1:55]  None of us are self-made [5:18]  A mentorship that turns things around [6:52]  The most important variable in the PIE formula [9:07]  The entrepreneur…

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Using LinkedIn to Find High Value Clients for Consultants and Coaches Featuring Trevor Turnbull

Trevor Turnbull is the CEO of Linked Into Leads and Founder of the transformative Expert Selling programs where he empowers B2B SOLOpreneur consultants and coaches to connect with their “Most Valuable Prospects” using the LinkedIn LINCHPIN Method. We discuss: The mistakes consultants and coaches make that cause them to be stressed and overworked [2:31] The…

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Diversify Your Income Featuring Keith Leimbach

Keith Leimbach left the corporate world following multiple C-level roles in a career that include 2 IPO’s and an 11-figure exit to Oracle. Then he launched what is now called the Diversified Income Experiment building laundromats, car washes, and Amazon private label business, an acquisition of an existing business and 7 trips through the franchise…

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Preparing for Adversity Featuring Susan Drumm

Susan Drumm is a CEO Advisor and a Leadership Coach with over 20 years of experience leading teams and senior executives to achieve their potential.  We discuss: What makes a true resilience [2:27] A fire drill for adversity [5:32] Three centers of leadership intelligence [7:13] Coherence: shifting from anxiety and stress [8:26] How to keep…

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Have Faith in Your Consulting Abilities Featuring Craig M. Chavis Sr.

Craig Chavis has 29 years of experience with the research, testing, selection, architecture, design, and implementation phases of contact center and real-time communications hardware and applications solutions. This includes 9 years in customer facing roles as a sales engineer and solutions architect. Those roles included responsibilities for the requirements analysis, architecture, solution recommendation, technical assessment,…

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Thinking Differently Featuring Neil Sahota

Neil Sahota is an IBM Master Inventor, United Nations AI Advisor, author of the book Own the A.I. Revolution., and Chief Innovation Officer the University of California.  We discuss: Why it is so difficult for people to think differently [2:31] The trap of long-term consultant-client relationships [4:46] Why executives should get out there more often…

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The Importance of Focus Featuring Danielle Pierce

Danielle left corporate accounting to pursue her dream as a real estate entrepreneur. We discuss: The first 90 days of your first job [1:22] You can’t really get something for nothing [5:16] How to deal with the extreme level of pushback once you decide to be an entrepreneur [6:05] The motivating role of strong negative…

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Influencing with LinkedIn Featuring Tamar Hela

Tamar Hela is an entrepreneur based in Shanghai and the COO of the digital agency Genius Encel. She helps Fortune 500 companies in Asia generate leads through LinkedIn.  We discuss: What about LinkedIn makes it a great opportunity in China [2:05] The benefits of practicing what you preach [4:50] Approaching community as a good way…

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Solo with Less Stress Featuring Simon Brady

Simon Brady is a seasoned financial advisor specializing in individuals coming out of a divorce, suddenly single (widows), millennials and individuals that are between the ages of 20-40, and immigrants, all underserved demographics that get taken advantage of due to emotional stress, naivety, or language barriers. We discuss: An unusual niche for a financial advisor…

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Demographics and Marketing Featuring Kenneth Gronbach

Kenneth Gronbach is president of KGC Direct, LLC and is an internationally respected demographer who has been able to forecast societal, commercial, economic, cultural and political phenomena with uncanny accuracy. We discuss: An unusual blend of marketing savvy and common-sense demography [2:23] The power of shifting demography [5:04] The connection between the millennials and the…

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Fulfill Your Purpose Featuring Cole Baker Bagwell

Cole spent two successful decades in Corporate America partnering with the world’s largest companies. She took the leap in March of 2019 and left at the top of her career. She launched Cool Audrey to change the corporate landscape by bringing mindfulness and kindness into business as strategic foundations. We discuss: Jump then or jump…

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