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Posts by David Shriner-Cahn

Laura Rotter and Rock Robinson: Building Businesses of Purpose and Value After a Long Corporate Career

After 30 years of successfully managing money for institutional investors including Citicorp and Para Advisors, Laura Rotter founded her own firm, True Abundance Advisors, a fiduciary, fee-only financial planning firm located in White Plains, NY with a satellite office in New York City. Laura created a business that was in alignment with her own values…

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How to Create Fun + Easy Video Marketing Featuring Nina Froriep

Nina Froriep has seen it all from the early 90ies on independent features, to big national TV commercials, corporate mega-shows, and Emmy award-winning documentary films, including one she produced and directed, called Abraham’s Children. We discuss: A better, faster, cheaper way to put yourself out with videos [02:25] The connection between finding your audience and…

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Freedom vs. Responsibility Featuring Jacquie Doucette

Jacquie Doucette has undergraduate degrees in Chemical Engineering and Pharmacy and has worked for Canada’s Defence Department, both in uniform and as a civilian, for 40 years. We discuss: There’s more to life than just a job and a desk [02:00] A podcast that’s beyond retirement [04:15] We can make more money but we can’t…

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Reimagining Growth Through Strategic Partnership Featuring Daniel Varroney

Daniel A. Varroney is the author of the groundbreaking new book, Reimagining Industry Growth. He is also founder of Potomac Core, a strategic consulting firm that specializes in association transformation and industry-focused strategic partnerships. He has built a successful career as an association executive, leading organizations with diverse focus, from manufacturing to high tech to…

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Finding Your Niche at the Intersection of Evolutionary Psychology and Digital Marketing Featuring Tim Ash

Tim Ash is an acknowledged authority on evolutionary psychology and digital marketing. He is a sought-after international keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of Unleash Your Primal Brain and Landing Page Optimization. We discuss: Great traffic to awful websites [02:52] How to make your transition from corporate to solopreneuership easier [05:15] Why it’s important to…

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How Mick Spiers Launched The Leadership Project

Mick Spiers is the Founder and Principal of The Leadership Project and the host of The Leadership Project podcast. His vision is to inspire all leaders to challenge status and to have people stop, reflect and rethink what it means to be a leader. His mission is to empower leaders with all of the tools…

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The Power of a Sabbatical Featuring Cornelia Walther

Following two decades in the humanitarian sector, Cornelia Walther quit to focus on POZE, a paradigm for social change that begins with individual transformation. Over the past years, she published a couple of books. Now Cornelia is expanding the network of like-minded thinkers and doers, whilst making the POZE perspective and related mythologies accessible around…

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Author of Tiny Business, Big Money, Elaine Pofeldt

Elaine Pofeldt, journalist and author of Tiny Business, Big Money. We discuss: Common strategies for one-person businesses [02:22] Automation is always a low-hanging fruit [07:06] How enthusiasm makes us hard on ourselves [10:53] What prompts employees to start their own business [14:03] How to dominate a very tiny niche and think as big as Jeff…

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Interpersonal and Political Savvy Featuring Rick Brandon

Rick Brandon, PhD, is founder and president of the globally respected Brandon Partners, offering workshops on interpersonal and political savvy. His courses are taught worldwide in scores of Fortune 500 corporations as well as in many government agencies, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions. We discuss: Not a shrink but a stretch [02:36] Marketing a company…

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Why You Need to Share Your Expertise Featuring Lori Highby

Lori Highby is a podcast host, speaker, educator, and founder of Keystone Click, a strategic digital marketing agency. Using her vast multi-industry knowledge – gained from experience and education, she has the ability to see the potential of greatness within the already established good of a business. We discuss: The courage to ask “Who do…

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