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Heather Pich’s Top 5 Influencers Who Mentor And Motivate

Our most recent “Smashing the Plateau” episode featured mentor, author, presenter, and sales expert Heather Pich. She gave us great insight into the factors that hold people back from achieving their goals. (If you missed Heather, go back and listen here.)

Like a lot of business professionals, Heather knows she isn’t self-made. Here are 5 of the people she has turned to in the past:

1. Kyle Wilson

Kyle is a highly accomplished author. He has influenced me because of how genuine and authentic he is. He truly wants to reach out and help anyone and everyone. He graciously shares his time and talents with so many and doesn’t ask for things in return.

2. Debbie Allen

Debbie to me is the expert in what she does. She is genuine and really wants to help people take the right steps to getting where they want to go and wants to do it for them in the shortest amount of time.

3. David Fagen

David works with people all over the world to brand them market them and get their books out to the world. He’s a very genuine father of 8 and highly into his family and teaching his children to be entrepreneurs. Works with his wife who is a publisher of her own publishing company. They care about people.

4. Steve Jennings

I met Steve several months ago. He is the author of the book The Way of the Invincible

Warrior. He’s an incredible man who has overcome, achieved beyond what many would and goes to fortune 500 companies and talks with them on achievement and more.

5. Staff at Productive Learning

We at productive learning always say that what goes on in our office doesn’t happen out there in the real world every day. We are always walking our walk and talking our talk. The staff and the experiences I’ve had with each person have been a huge influence on who I am, how I approach things and where I see myself going in business and my personal life.


About the author, David Shriner-Cahn

David is the podcast host and community builder behind Smashing the Plateau, an online platform offering resources, accountability, and camaraderie to high-performing professionals who are making the leap from the corporate career track to entrepreneurial business ownership.

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