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Our Favorite Blog Posts of the Week

If you’d rather spend time at the end of your week doing things outside your business, but still involved in the ecosystem, we have the answer.

Here are our favorite blog posts from this week, rounded up nice and tidy so you can read them one (or four) at a time.

1. What 12 Super-Successful People Wish They Knew At 22

Hindsight is 20-20. Read this article about the beauty of newfound clarity, and you’ll learn a thing or two about several core principles from a variety of successful people. Listen up, 22-year-olds.

2. How To Double Your Revenue By Giving Your Work Away For Free

Many people whose services are typically sold for a wide range of prices struggle to find the right pricing formula. Tom Morkes offers a way to think about your business model without struggling through pricing, but still increasing your revenues.

3. For American Express, Low-Income Is The New Black

American Express is targeting low-income Americans to sell financial services. The move may be a breath of fresh air for people who don’t have any interest or ability to purchase high-end goods and services.

Opportunity is all about seeing a need and designing an offering that fills that need.

4. 5 Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Social media is almost, by nature, a hype machine. So it’s important to remember that engaging with your audience is one of social media’s biggest offerings. However, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Better make it a good one.

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About the author, David Shriner-Cahn

David is the podcast host and community builder behind Smashing the Plateau, an online platform offering resources, accountability, and camaraderie to high-performing professionals who are making the leap from the corporate career track to entrepreneurial business ownership.

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