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Reinventing Your Identity Featuring Raj Bandyopadhyay

Raj, from Series A Photography, is a personal branding photographer in NYC, helping entrepreneurs tell their beautiful, multifaceted stories on camera.  We discuss: A journey from a data scientist employee to a photography entrepreneur [02:12] The different types of identity reinvention [08:53] What worked for them might not work out for you [13:46] The difference…

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Soaring as a Consultant Featuring Andrea Wright

Andrea is the founder of CTP Solutions, LLC where she helps companies put their ideas into action by creating solutions to their process and training gaps.  We discuss: Not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when” [02:01] The moment when you’re going to sink or swim [04:13] The things you can do as…

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Success Leaves Clues Featuring Jamy Bechler

Jamy Bechler is the host of the “Success is a Choice” podcast and author of three books, including “The Bus Trip”. He spent 20 years as a college basketball coach and high school AD. Jamy now works with high-level corporations and sports teams helping them maximize their potential in the area of leadership, culture, and…

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The Self-Employed Life Featuring Jeffrey Shaw

As a speaker and small business consultant, Jeffrey Shaw helps self-employed and small business owners gain control of their business in what seems like otherwise uncontrollable circumstances.  We discuss: The courage to leave a steady paycheck for fulfillment [03:26] Why companies don’t hire coaches to bring the best out of their employees [06:22] One of…

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Finding Your Why as an Entrepreneur Featuring Scott Mason

Scott Mason is professional speaker and Principal of Scott Mason, LLC, which provides small business consulting services.   We discuss: An ongoing search to find the circle outside the box [01:38] The [martial] arts of a side hustle [05:10] What made Scott leave traditional employment twice [06:20] A gigantic river taking you beyond who and what…

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Becoming a LinkedIn Powerhouse Featuring Brenda Meller

Brenda Meller is a self-proclaimed “ambassador” of LinkedIn, national speaker, and the Chief Engagement Officer at Meller Marketing (, which provides marketing and social media support for individuals and businesses, specializing in LinkedIn. She has been leveraging social media to propel her personal and professional efforts for over ten years, and now blends this experience…

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Nonprofit Consulting and Coaching Featuring Robert Grabel

Robert Grabel is the President of Nonprofit Now! Consulting and Coaching which supports nonprofits and their leaders in maximizing their impact.  We discuss: Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to be on your own [01:36] The moment to start consulting [04:18] The two opposites on the spectrum: consulting vs. coaching [05:18] Why people get…

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Consulting with Tech Companies Featuring Camille Nisich

Camille Nisich is a profitability and business growth advisor. We discuss: Manifesting your business goals on a vision board [01:56] One light switches off but another switches on [06:42] Burning the candle at both ends [09:37] The time when an operator should pivot to a consultant [11:40] The one-million to eight-million range client [14:54] A profitability…

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Going from No Plan to Successful Leadership Coaching Business Featuring Jem Fuller

Jem has lived a very colorful life. From barefoot backpacker to corporate leader. Actor, singer/songwriter, tattooist, fire dancer, volunteer, teacher, travel consultant and now executive coach, speaker and facilitator of retreats in the Himalaya and jungles of Bali. Jem became ‘suddenly unemployed’ in 2013 and commenced his solopreneur journey.  We discuss: Pondering on the future…

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Your Consulting is a Business Featuring Deb Zahn

Deb Zahn is a practicing healthcare independent consultant and the CEO of the Craft of Consulting.    We discuss: When an unrealized entrepreneurial spirit meets financial insecurity [1:43] The path of a consultant to becoming a guru for other consultants [5:26] The power of podcasts for getting known [8:17] How to determine and communicate your…

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Let’s Do the Books Featuring Mark Butler

Mark Butler is the founder of the accounting startup Let’s Do the Books, as well as the bookkeeper, CFO and confidante to top online entrepreneurs like Brooke Castillo and Stacey Boehman. Before working in finance, Mark co-founded three online businesses that brought in close to $2 million in total revenue.   We discuss:  You need a budget [1:47] …

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Launching a Brand Strategy Business Featuring Kevin Perlmutter

Kevin Perlmutter of Limbic Brand Evolution

Kevin Perlmutter is a Brand and Customer Relationship Strategist. He is Chief Strategist and Founder of Limbic Brand Evolution, where he helps CMO’s, Brand and Business Leaders strengthen customer relationships through the lens of emotion. He applies behavioral science to turn emotional insights into a competitive advantage.   We discuss:  Why experiences are more important than advertisement [1:23]  Going…

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Business Value Based on Your Unique Story Featuring Susan Drumm

Susan Drumm for Going Solo

Susan Drumm is a CEO Advisor and Leadership Coach with over 20 years of experience leading teams and senior executives to achieve their potential.    We discuss:  The surprising benefits of nonlinear transitions [1:47]  How to get your fire back and create exciting opportunities for yourself [5:59]  What business leaders can learn from great actors [10:16]  Drawing from multiple disciplines…

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Growing Revenue by Finding Your Niche Featuring James Burgess

James Burgess is the founder of FOCUS31 an international management consulting company

James Burgess is the author of the international bestselling book CHAOS: How Business Leaders Can Master the Power of Focus and “No Problem” Is The Problem; How to Attract and Retain Raving Fans. He is a professional speaker and Founder of FOCUS31 an international management consulting company that are global experts in Business Planning for businesses from start-up…

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